Norma Norcross, RN, LCMT


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Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce

Moon Tide Massage has been a member of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce since Norma Norcross started  working on her own back in 2007. You might remember us as Massage Therapy by Norma Eberle!

American Massage Therapy Association

Moon Tide Massage is a proud member of AMTA. If you want to browse their website you can look up current massage research and industry facts if you click on the "Research" tab on their website.

Cape Cod Wellness Collaborative 

A Non-Profit Organization on Cape Cod that is making a difference in our community. They provide integrative therapies from wellness professionals through out the Cape to people facing cancer. Norma Norcross at Moon Tide Massage is a participating practitioner of Cape Wellness Collaborative. Please visit their website and learn more about this Organization. Share this information with anyone you know who may be in need, or that would like to donate or volunteer at their events held throughout the year to continue to provide these services.

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB)

​Becoming Board Certified shows you that the therapist is dedicated in their profession, having a higher level of achievement than that of an entry level massage therapist. It is a voluntary credential that I've obtained. check out their website if you'd like. 

Morton's Foot

This website is very informative in teaching you the importance of proper foot mechanics, and how the rest of you body from head to toe can be effected. I encourage clients to do their own research and become active in taking control of their health. Reading the "How you hurt" section, the "Why you hurt", and the FAQs can give you a lot of information to help solve you pain.