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Massage   Session Rates:

30 Minutes      $60

45 Minutes      $75

60 Minutes      $90

75 Minutes      $110

90 Minutes      $130

​120 Minutes   $190

By appointment only. Please call or book your appointment online.

  • Rehabilitative Massage                $60/$75/$90/$110/$130/--  

Rehabilitative Massage is used to treat injuries from over use, accidents, auto injuries, and acute or chronic pain. It can help increase flexibility, increase range of motion, and help to break down any adhesion and connective tissue restrictions within the area using techniques such as neuromuscular therapy, triggerpoint and myofascial release.

Your therapist will conduct a thorough assessment and develop a plan of care. Treatment will achieve optimum results with multiple appointments booked

  • Therapeutic Massage                    $60/$75/$90/$110/$130/$190

Therapeutic Massage utilizing numerous techniques to address areas of concern or specific goals for your session, which you will go over with your therapist prior to treatment.

  • Prenatal Massage​                           --/$90/$130/--

 Massage tailored for the mother-to-be, focusing on areas where your body is carrying extra tension. You have the option of using a prenatal cushion, allowing you to comfortably lay face down like a traditional massage but pressure is taken off the abdomen, or the therapist can preform your massage while you are side lying.

Massage Packages

Save money and purchase your massage sessions in advance.

Rehabilitative Massage may sometimes need several treatments, so a package is recommended. Booking all your appointments in advance will ensure your treatment plan is not interrupted. 

Packages are also convenient for someone who incorporates massage therapy into their regular wellness regime.

Buy 5 massages and save $25

Buy 10 massages and save $100

*Prices subject to change.