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Norma Norcross, RN, LCMT

Massage    30min/ 60min/ 90min/ 120min

By appointment only. Please call or book your appointment online.

Swedish Relaxation Massage           $60/$90/$130/$185

This is a classic Swedish massage with slow, gliding techniques and soothing pressure to promote general relaxation, stress relief and an overall sense of well being.

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage                           60 minutes/$90

Massage tailored for the mother-to-be, focusing on areas where her body is carrying extra tension. You have the option of using a prenatal cushion, allowing you to comfortably lay face down like a traditional massage but pressure is taken off the abdomen, or the therapist can preform your massage while you are side lying.

Deep Tissue Massage                          $60/$90/$130/$185

Deep Tissue Massage is used to release chronic patterns of muscular tension using slow strokes, direct pressure, or friction in areas of tension. This massage focuses on different muscle groups, reaching into deeper layers of the muscles.

Rehabilitative Massage                   Call for Consult

Rehabilitative Massage is used to treat injuries from over use, accidents, auto injuries, or chronic pain. It can help increase flexibility, increase range of motion, and help to break down any adhesion and connective tissue restrictions within the area using techniques such as neuromuscular therapy and myofascial techniques. Your therapist will conduct a thorough assessment and develop a plan of care.

Hot Stone Massage                              90 minutes/$140

Heated stones are used to warm and relax the muscles. The use of heat during the massage helps to calm the nervous system. A soothing treatment to pamper your body.  (Hot Stone Massage is only available in our office locations).

Thermal Palms Massage ®                    90 minutes/$140  
                                                                     Add-on to any massage $20

Thermal Palms® are a great alternative to hot stone massage. The soft thermal palm molds to the contours of the body and provides long lasting heat which deeply penetrates not only the muscles but the joints as well. Add-on is available for spot treatments with any massage booked.

Mobile Massage Appointments 

Massage brought directly to your location, where you are able to relax in your own surroundings, without worrying about driving home after your massage! Mobile massage is available for only one hour or more of total services booked at location. Travel and set up time is included in the rates.

Hair and Scalp Massage                     $25/15 minutes

Essential oils used to nourish and hydrate hair and scalp. Add on to any massage service.

Foot Exfoliation and Massage            $25/15 minutes

Exfoliate and massage treatment for the feet. Add on to any massage service.

Side by Side Massages

Side by side massages are available at the Osterville location or mobile massage. Please call for therapist availability.

Spa Parties and Chair Massage

We travel to you! Popular with corporate events, employee appreciation, bridal parties, girls night in, birthdays, baby showers, special events etc. Different packages are also available for chair massage. Please call for availability.

Massage Packages

Save money and purchase your massage sessions in advance. Convenient for someone who incorporates massage therapy into their regular wellness regime.

Buy 5 massages and save $25

Buy 10 massages and save $100

*Prices subject to change.